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Virus RPG


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It is present day. The world has learned of many new races. When the new races
came to earth, every virus ever known to man, or any other race for that matter.
These have all become one virus. The virus is known as the ultimate virus.There is no
cure, and no way to stop it. Only a selcted few of people from many different races
can survive. They have a spectacular immunity to this ?imate Virus??he virus is
easily smelt from a mile away. It reaks of long dead corpses. It is also visible. Though
it floats like a is still able to inject itself into any body in any way. A guild
started by Keldon Leech Virus and Spyder called the ?us Surpassers??e seeking
these immune individuals. Once they have all come together...they can destroy the
Though the virus has come...everything looks and feels exactly the same. The
stores are still open and running. Everybody still has sex...if they want. Everything is
the same as it was. Though it is like this, you must be careful on which way you turn.
The virus could lurk anywhere. The shattone, reptaliens, velentours, and the vampyres
are the only races that are COMPLETELY immune to the virus...but even they could die
of suffication. Though the virus is surpassing through creatures systems, the other races
are NOT the most trustworthy. Watch your back at all times.
The virus can also NEVER take the healthy. Make sure you stay healthy. So
good luck in your quest for survival!