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Angelic: Massive magic users that look like angels...but normally tend to
be evil. Their stats are Super Natural.
Permittable Alignments: Neutral, Evil, True Evil, Demonic, Insane,
Anarchist, Honorable, Cocky, Loose Cannon, Unprincipled, Ruthless,
Thievish, Layed Back.
Classes Best As: Bounty Hunter, Warrior, Fighter, Swordsman, Mage,
Mercenary, Street Fighter, Assassin, Matrix, Whipsman, Military.

Arachnidian: Humans with six arms, and two legs. They have four
eyes...but they see as one eye. They have human or archnid flesh with it?lt;br>little hairs (Roll to see which). They have web spinners in their inner fore
arms (Roll to see if you have normal, poisonous, or acidic). Their stats
are Super. Specify your Spider type.
Permittable Alignments: Any
Classes Best As: Anything except for rider or Matrix

Bladeon: Human except for a few minor details...Some have demonic
wings and have two blades on each fore arm and shin (One inch thick,
One foot long) Four ontop of the bones of its fists (Half an inch thick,
One foot long), Eight spikes circling the wrist and ankles (Spikes are
about the size of those of a spiked collar) 9 Down their spine curving
downward. All of the blades are retractable! Their stats are Natural.
Alignments Permitted: Any
Classes Best As: Any

Borg: Any creature with a robotic body that may have a flesh covering.
They have robotic stats.
Permittable Alignments: Any
Classes Best As: Anything but Rider.

Caninor: A humanoid K-9. Thei strength is either massive or natural
depending upon the dog type. Speed and quicknes are oposite as strength
(Massive or Natural). They may or may not have tails.
Permitted Alignments: Neutral, Evil, Insane, Anarchist, Honorable,
Trustworthy, Cocky, Loose Cannon, Unprinceipled, Ruthless
Classes Best As: Any depending upon the dog type.

Centool: A one headed hell hound with demonic wings and extremely high
intellect. It was made by the angels for defense against the hell hounds,
but instead they turned on them killing every angel...(The only way to kill
an angel is to rip out its heart!)
Permittable Alignments: Any
Classes Best As: MAGE, Druid, Warrior, Mercenary, Body Guard,
Bounty Hunter, Scientist

Cy-Borg: What once was a race of its own, but has combined itself with a
machine. Choose a race and write ?org?? parenthasese after the
race). They have robotic stats depending on where the cybernetics are.
Permittable Alignments: Check Race
Classes Best As: Check Race...(And actually think about your
cybernetics before you choose a class that won?o with it)

Demonite: A human that has melded itself with a demon in order to become
stronger and be able to overcome the Virus. They can switch from human
to demon at any time they choose. Their stats are Super Natural.
Permittable Alignments: Any but Insane!
Classes Best As: Any

Draglette: A humanoid dragon. Super Natural stats.
Permittable Alignments: Any
Classes Best As: Anything that does not include stealth or being quiet.
And no you can?ide anything!

Dragon: The largest and strongest creature in the game. Super Natural
stats. Though they have scales like a reptile...BUT THEY ARE
Permittable ALignments: Any
Classes Best As: Druid, Warrior, Mage, Mercenary, Body Guard,
Bounty Hunter, Scientist

Drake: A minature drag with no front legs and they somehow have
THE GAME!!! They are very magical and very wise...but extremely
Permittable Alignments: Any but Unprincipled or Insane
Classes Best As: Thief, Druid, Assassin, Mage, Mercenary

Dwarf: A minature human that have massive stats.
Permittable Alignments: Any
Classes Best As: Any that doesn?se Intelligence.

Electroid: A human that controls electricity. It?lood has more electricity
flowing through it than lightning! Natural stats.
Permittable Alignments: Same As Human
Classes Best As: Same As Human

Elemental: A human that is made of only the element it controls. SN
Permittable Alignments: Any
Classes Best As: Any

Elf: Human. The only thing different is its pointy ears. P.B. must be at
least an 8. M stats.
Permittable Alignments: Neutral, Evil, Anarchist, Honorable,
Trustworthy, Unprincipled
Classes Best As: Thief, druid, Swordsman, Assassin, Horse Back Rider,
Archer, RANGER

Felinest: Same as a caninor but a feline. It?peed and quickness are
always Super...but its strength is always N.
Permittable Alignments: Caninor
Classes Best As: Caninor

Fishton: A humanoid fish. It?eet and hands are webbed so it swims
faster. It?trength is N.
Permittable Alignments: Any
Classes Best As: Any

Goblin: Small creatures that are all sorts of colors. Anywhere from black
to white. They have small claws and their stats are N.
Permittable Alignments: Neutral, Evil, Anarchist, Cocky, Unprincipled,
Classes Best As: Any Except for Matrix, Scientist, Mage

Godling: A halfling between a human and a God. They have one element
they control. They have S stats.
Permittable Alignments: Any
Classes Best As: Any

Human: Duh!

Insectoid: A humanoid insect...N stats.
Classes Best As: Any
Permittable Alignments: Any

Minotour: Half bull, half human. Its strength is S, but everything else
is M. They can be any color. It can also be any kind of bull.
Permittable Alignments: Any except for Thievish
Classes Best As: Any but Rider, Thief, Mage, Ninja, Sniper, Ranger, or

Ogre: A large gobling with almost no brain power. The most you can get
on its Intelligence is 40%. Their stats are massive...except for quickness
and speed...N.
Permittable Alignments: Neutral, Ruthless
Classes Best As: Only things that use strength and NOT intelligence...

Reptalien: An altered reptilian that came from space. It? human with
claws and large scales. Its stats are M. Normaly where our eyes are
white...theirs is orange. Their eyes are kind of large...but not much
bigger than ours.
Alignments: Any
Classes: Any except for body guard or scientist...(They don?ave

Reptilian: A humanoid reptile. N stats
Alignments: Any
Classes: Any

Sentar: A horse body with the torso of a human where the head would be.
M stats.
Alignments: Any
Classes: Any except Rider

Shape-Shifter: A humanoid figure made of only liquid. When they shift,
they become flesh and bone. They have no P.B. whatsoever. Though they
are liquid...they can?vaporate and they can?e shot by anything other
than energy in their true form.
Alignments: Any
Classes: Any

Shattone: They are basically human with M stats. Their flesh is slightly
tougher than a humans. They have demonic wings, were-wolf fangs, and
half the amount of a bladeons blades.
Alignments: Neutral, Evil, True Evil, Demonic, Insane, Anarchist,
Cocky, Loose Cannon, Unprincipled, Ruthless
Classes: Any

Soul Harvester: Think of the dead vampire of Soul Reaver. They look like
that and also have no jaw. they always wear cloak, robes, or any covering
over their faces. SN stats. Sworn enemy of Soul Reavers!
Alignments & Classes: Any

Soul Reaver: This too is the same as the game...(Gee...I wonder). They
wear only the cloth covering their face. SN strength.
Alignments & Classes: Any

Toadra: A humanoid frog with N stats. The tallest one ever was 5?
They are great for an experienced role player...because they are harder to
use, and more fun. They normally tend to be rich.
Classes & Alignments: Any

Vampeal: Half dead vampire. It was saved from total damnation. It is
human until it grows hungry and needs to eat. They tend to care for the
other races so they eat little animals. If they are pressured into a
fight...just hope you?not by them. They have a MAJOR insane factor.
Classes & Alignments: Any (stats)

Vampire: They have S stats. They are harmed by sunlight, but they
won?ie from it. The only way to kill them is to drive a steak through its
Alignments &Classes: Any

Vampyre: They can walk in the sunlight with no
annoying. Their stats are SN.
Alignment & Classes: Any

Velentour: A human with cole black skin, hair, eyes, and bones. They all
grow their hair at LEAST to their shoulders. For their intelligence, roll 3
percntile (%), but remember...they are the only one that can go to 500%.
Alignment: Any but Insane
Classes: Any...if you get at least 200% on Intelligence...choose three if

Were-Beast: A creature that changes from human, to humanoid beast, to
just plain beast. Their stats are natural in human form...but massive in
Alignments & Classes: Any